What you need to know about LUSH solid cleansers (REVIEWS)

If you love LUSH as much as I do then you’ll have used at least some of the other goodies on offer like their yummy shower gels or their massage bars! Definitely lots of goodies on offer so what about their skincare?

I have incredibly fickle skin – sometimes it’s sensitive and sometimes it’s perfect. Breakouts have become a regular part of my skin routine since I started going to the gym. I’m drinking enough water, and eating enough healthy stuff so really my skin is like an angry teenager taking it out on me when I really don’t deserve it.

I even had a brilliant experience in the last month, for the first time in 10 years of acne, with cystic acne. Cystic acne is those horrible under the skin spots that you can’t pop and they hurt like crazy (FYI a brilliant low-budget trick for getting rid of those is vaporub I found out). So in times of facial struggle, I turned to LUSH’s solid cleansers in particular Angels on Bare Skin.

If you’ve never used the solid cleansers, I’ll fill you in.

The solid cleansers are, as the name suggests, solid mixtures you make into a paste to cleanse your face with – or your body it’s up to you. They’re all natural and like everything in LUSH, the ingredients are stated on the packaging or label. You work them up into a paste with water and scrub away at the desired area.

So as I was saying – Angels on Bare Skin. Angels on Bare Skin is the best one of the 5 usually on offer for sensitive skin. Inside the oat-like consistency, there are a grand total of 13 ingredients with some highlights being Lavender oil, Rose Absolute, Kaolin and ground almonds. All the ingredients combine to make a very gentle, balancing, calming, and cleansing.

If your skin is freaking out about life then Angels on Bare Skin is the one for you. It really helped my cystic acne (in combination with vaporub).

In my new time of need which is sweat and crazy blocked pores, I recently purchased Dark Angels. Your skin does feel incredibly smooth after this one. Why I chose this cleanser over other options on the LUSH shelf is the CHARCOAL. Dark Angels contains charcoal, avocado oil and rhassoul mud. This cleanser is an deep cleanser – it’s getting right in there. It’s a good exfoliant but still moisturizes with the avocado oil and vegetable glycerine.

Another added extra if your skin is freaking out, this one has an antiseptic effect thanks to the Sandalwood and Rosewood oils.

These two are the ones I have at home in my bathroom but I have tried the other three if you’re interested in something a bit different to the ones above especially if you have dry skin. I got to try these ones at my time working at LUSH.

Do you have dry skin? Do you like popcorn? If you just said yes to both then you’ll love Let the Good Times Roll. This fresh cleanser is a good scrub and incredibly softening. It also makes your face smell awesome! This one contains Maize flour, Polenta, cinnamon power and… POPCORN! This cleanser is great for dry skin and is incredibly moisturizing.

The other two are Herbalism and Aqua Marina. Just briefly, Aqua Marina is probably the most sensitive for your skin; it’s got mineral rich seaweed and calamine which are both very calming ingredients. Herbalism is a nice one for skin that needs brightening; you’ve got nettles and rosemary in there as well as rice bran to exfoliate.

So there you go, there’s all the fresh cleansers from LUSH – that I’ve remembered to cover. If you’re ever unsure about trying any of the cleansers, the assistants in your local LUSH store should be able to give you a generous sample especially if  you have allergies.

Thanks for reading!

Read more about my time working at LUSH here.

What you need to know about LUSH solid cleansers (REVIEWS)

Working at LUSH: Tips and Advice

The new LUSH Valentine’s Day limited collection has launched! Is anyone else ecstatic? I was so excited  but getting back to the point of this post: what’s it like to work at LUSH and how do you work there?

First off, I just want to make a disclaimer that my experience reflects the shop I ended up working in and I did not work at Oxford St so my experience is probably very different compared to others.

I starting working in LUSH in October 2016. I was hired as a Christmas Temp which is a pretty normal hiring time for LUSH retail.

The store I was working in was part of a larger shopping center so got extremely busy around the Christmas period. It was only a small store but it was one of the busiest shops in the UK for gifts which is pretty amazing for a small store near Glasgow. When I was hired, there was loads of other temps as well.

LUSH was definitely one of the best retail jobs I’ve ever had and the only reason I didn’t apply to get kept on was because I got a full-time job in social media/press which is to do with my university degree.

Working for LUSH was great. I really loved all of their ethics, campaigns and business approaches – it was wonderful to work for such a transparent and caring company. If you get the chance, WORK THERE!

SO what’s the deal with getting an interview? I’ve seen a lot of posts on blogs, videos on YouTube and tweets about getting hired. How do you get employed at the magical shop that is LUSH?

To be fair, sometimes you walk into LUSH and it’s like the Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of cosmetics. How did all of these wonderful people get here? Were they made somewhere?

No, the LUSH employees are specially recruited to be the very best in customer service. They are, usually, genuinely nice and awesome people.

Let’s get into how to get hired!

First thing you need to do is find out if they have a vacancy. If they don’t that’s totally fine – don’t panic! Of course I do think you’ve got more of a chance being hired if they’re advertising.

Another tip is that sometimes local stores don’t advertise through the LUSH website so I would recommend following the stores you want to work in on Facebook and making sure you see their posts first in your newsfeed then you don’t miss anything! That’s a really good way to be the first to see vacancies that won’t be on the LUSH website.

If they don’t have any vacancies, it’s still important to get your cover letter sorted. Yeah, you need a cover letter.

I know – super unusual for a retail job but I promise you need a cover letter to get anywhere near an interview.

This is the first time you will ever do a cover letter like this. LUSH  cover letters are very creative, very passionate and it’s not really about you but about proving you LOVE the company. Showing you love LUSH and love the store is the key to success. Oh, and coming across like a nice person.

Making an effort on your cover letter is really important. I’ve done two for LUSH over the years and both included photos and cool handwritten fonts. I said in both of them that I loved LUSH, and wanted to work at the store for so long. You can be as creative and lovely as you like but make sure to say why you should get the job i.e. I would be perfect for your store as (fill in the blank).

Even if there isn’t a vacancy do try to hand a cover letter or even just chat to the staff about when would be the best time to get hired. They’re always excited to meet LUSH fans.


I’ve not done many group interviews in retail but I’ve done a few. None of them compared to the LUSH group interview. In my group interview, there was at least 30 of us and it was held in a meeting room. You come to the interview in casual clothes (not professional workwear) that reflect your style. Be comfortable and yourself. My best advice for the interview, even if it’s not a group interview,  be yourself. Don’t say what you think they want to hear – they can tell when you’re not being yourself. Try to appear as enthusiastic as possible and be really nice to everyone in the room.

You’ll probably do group tasks so working together and having a laugh is the best approach.

It’s good as well to do some research on LUSH before you go to the interview even if you are a LUSHie all the time. Cluing up on their most recent campaigns or even the FUNd is a great way to distinguish yourself from other people. I researched the Chartity Pot and the FUNd before my interview as well as reading up on the new articles – at that time it was about microbeads.

If you’re nice and kind and awesome, you should hear back but don’t be disheartened. Sometimes it takes a couple attempts especially if your availability isn’t great.

That’s all the advice I have so I hope you found that helpful! Let me know your tips if you have any!

Working at LUSH: Tips and Advice

Going to the Gym when you’re plus size

I’ve always ranged from a UK size 14 to 16 as long as I can remember (i.e. since I was about 13). For a long time I’ve struggled with my eating habits, and exercise routine. Some of this down to being diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 15 and a great deal to do with my mental health. So to get me into a gym, even to do a yoga class, has been a big deal!

Thanks to awesome plus-size ladies like Jessamyn Stanley and Iskra Lawrence, I’ve managed to get myself down to the gym 3 times a week for a straight 2 weeks. I know it’s not a month, or a year but sometimes you’ve got to celebrate the small stuff because before 2 weeks ago it was a big 0 for at least 3 months.

In my relatively small time at the gym, I have loved it. I’ve been to yoga classes and done weights – things I was too embarrassed to do before. I am so proud of myself for just being there.

So I was surprised when a guy thought it would be appropriate to laugh at me in the gym.

To be straight, this was not paranoia.

As I did jump squats onto a box, I heard laughter and looked up to see this man. This stupid guy and his friend were practically pointing and laughing at me. I turned my head mid-jump to see this guy mimic with hand movements obviously how my butt moved as I jumped. Unsurprisingly having a big butt, it’s gonna’ move!

This didn’t put me off and I finished my set then moved on with my workout but it made me so angry.

I’m there to better myself and to take control of my body. I’m there to build strength, balance and flexibility.

I am not at the gym for some guy to joke about my body as if I’m not a human being who deserves some respect.

When you’re in the gym, it doesn’t matter if your butt is moving sideways, upside down, whatever, it’s about getting your workout done and done properly. It’s not a fashion show and it’s definitely NOT a place for judgment because you’re there to get sweaty.

So for this guy to stand there and try to make a joke out of me is pretty messed up. I kept silent this time but if I hear another person like that at the gym, I’ll be letting them have it.

You don’t know what that person has gone through to get themselves in the gym. If they’re heavy or plus-size, you don’t know if they have medical conditions, mental health conditions or are just like that naturally.

To be honest though, it’s none of your business anyway.

You should be focusing on being a better you not tearing other people down.

For some motivational inspiration, I leave you with the wise words of Danielle Brooks.

Going to the Gym when you’re plus size

Controversial: Body Modifications

High school is supposed to be a place of learning and the expansion of your mind but most schools seem more occupied by moderating how their students look and act rather than encouraging creativity and intelligent thought.

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen students prevented from attending school because of how they look.

Most recently the Huffington Post covered the story of a 15-year old boy who suspended from school because he had dyed his hair pink. He had done this in tribute to his friend who suffers from a rare blood disease, not that the school seemed to care.

As a society, we are relatively accepting but when it comes to self-expression through our appearance, suddenly schools and some workplaces become the frontier of creating appearance norms. More specifically, body modifications can be at the target of this endeavor as well as non-traditional appearances (gender neutral bathrooms will be a discussion for another day).

So what’s up with body mods, and why is there such a love/hate to tattoos, piercings and unnatural hair colors?

Some view tattoos, and piercings as a form of self-mutilation. Other view it as a millennial trend. Some even view some body mods as a fetish or as something repulsive.

Neon hair is seen as attention-seeking and unnatural. It’s not appropriate for the classroom.

How do I view it? 

I don’t have any tattoos but I hope to get one this year and hopefully soon. So my point of view is someone who hopes to be inked soon. I’ve dyed my hair bright colors before; I had neon purple hair for nearly 6 months so I know the attitudes towards unnatural hair color.

Enforcing a norm in high school contributes to self-esteem and confidence of teenagers who are already going through enough without having to worry about censorship of their self-expression.

Body mods aren’t about self-mutilation or rebellion (in most cases)! They’re about identity and taking ownership of your body.

In today’s world, it can feel like your body is no longer your own but is an item to appraised and judged on a public forum. Posting pictures to Instagram while making sure you get the best angle, making sure you have the best hashtags to get likes and followers. It’s a cycle of approval and how you present your identity can affect you in a lot of different ways.

Tattoos, piercings and unnatural hair colors are tools to be used to create yourself. Control your life.

These accessories aren’t destroying your ‘purity’ or perfect body. I know it’s a bit of a heavy subject but your body isn’t permanent. Your body is temporary – you are temporary. When we put too much importance on things which in the grand picture don’t matter. Those who get and want tattoos understand that they are permanent, don’t remind them.

“You own your body – you should be allowed to do what you want with it.” – Grace Neutral

Trying to control how others look doesn’t scream to me morality. It screams to me that those who try to control how people look are insecure. Maintaining school ‘appearance’ codes is not about appropriateness, it’s about sameness.

Suspending kids from school because they get facial piercings, or dye their hair a bright color, or dress differently isn’t for the public good. You’re not really preparing students for life but really for conformity. It’s about control. Let’s not pretend otherwise.


Anyways, what do you think about students having tattoos/piercings/unnatural hair colors? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much for reading! x

Controversial: Body Modifications

REVIEW: Wet N Wild Concealer Palette

Wet N Wild’s CoverAll Concealer Palette is probably one of the cheapest yet best buys of my makeup collection so far. At £4.49, it is a bargain and a necessary addition to your makeup bag. Its Amazon description makes bold claims that I can honestly say are true. This product is the ultimate all-in-one concealing product which highlights, covers, and neutralizes redness.

The concealer palette has 3 concealers and one highlighter

Here are some swatches of the different concealers and the highlighter on my hand so you can see the product without it being blended:


There is a green, pink and concealer shade that is quite orange but they do all blend well with the other colors. The highlighter is just a silvery highlight. As you can see the green and pink are quite bright but they blend extremely well. When you apply a bb cream on top you can’t see the color if you blend properly.

So I thought I would show the before and after of the product to prove my point that it blends fantastically.

The first image is just my natural skin without any makeup at all as you can see I have some little spot marks and redness, the second image is the neutralizing green on its own which looks a bit crazy at first, then the last image is it blended with the concealer orange.

So I would recommend doing this process on any areas that you feel are red, or have breakouts. Once you’ve used the concealers in the palette, just apply BB cream or your foundation on top then proceed to contour as per usual. The highlighter goes great with any other product that you use to contour your face.

You can see a difference in coverage and the redness of your skin immediately.

My completed look looked something like this:


So to conclude this mad ramble, this product isn’t available in any of the stories in the UK as far as I know but Amazon do next day delivery for prime members on this product. I would highly recommend this product over more expensive alternatives. Click on the image below and it should take you right to it.

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know if there are any products you love and want to share. Or if there are any products you want me to review next.

REVIEW: Wet N Wild Concealer Palette

What is beauty? That’s the real question

What is beauty?

This question sometimes drifts into my mind a lot. As a politics student, a writer and fashion lover it’s a question with a myriad of meanings.

On a daily basis the word, beautiful,  is thrown about; people can be brandished beautiful for simply the clothes they wear, the colour of their hair, their face or even more superficial things.

I’ve come to the conclusion that beauty isn’t just one thing. People that are beautiful aren’t beautiful because of their weight, or their skin colour, their modifications or otherwise. People who are beautiful are amazing people and that shines through in their appearance. They are confident in themselves. They wear what they want, and love themselves.

For a long time, I’ve struggled to see the beauty in myself. Being heavier than most (or what the media perceives as the norm), I’ve always felt rejected and ugly due to my stretch marks and fluctuating weight. Yet recently, I’ve felt more in charge of my body. I’ve felt that my body isn’t perfect but in its imperfections and my perception it’s beautiful.

If you don’t feel your body is as great as someone else’s, you really shouldn’t. No two bodies are the same, and truly the diversity in how we look as human beings is so amazing that you should just appreciate what you’ve got. You’re only on this planet for a limited time, so why not enjoy yourself?

Like Meghan Tonjes says, “Life’s too short, wear a crop top.”


What is beauty? That’s the real question

The One Way to Lose Weight

How does Madonna keep her arms so trim? The new secrets to weight loss that your doctor isn’t telling you! How to lose a stone in just 2 weeks?

We’ve all seen it. The ads, articles and general nonsense that proclaim the savior of all diets has arrived. Or the headlines which tell all on Gwyneth Paltrow’s new fitness regime. Magazines, tv and blogs are constantly fousting the new fitness fad, or health cookbook onto your busy life.

Seriously who does have the time to go to the gym 3 times a week? If you can do it, good for you! I certainly can’t. It’s not because I’m lazy; it’s because a) I don’t have the time and b) I don’t really get the gym – maybe I’m not doing it properly.


Anytime I have lost weight, it’s not been through fad diets or slimming world recipes or juice cleanses, it’s been through taking care of my body. Appreciating my body’s needs and giving it food that is nutrious as well as unprocessed. Doing exercise I actually enjoy and can do in a time period that suits me.

I know for one thing I will never be a size 8 and I’m genuinely okay with that. I want my body to be strong, healthy and fit not slim. When I recognize that I get healthier, I drop a dress size (which is great but not the goal) and I love life a lot more.

Thus losing weight should be a by-product of your lifestyle change, not the goal. Taking your focus off your weight, that you perceive as the issue, and looking at your eating habits, and exercise routines will make you a lot happier. Starving yourself and doing juice cleanses won’t solve your bad habits, it’s probably more likely you’ll fall back into them after you’ve been on the no-carb diet for 2 weeks.

Being slim won’t make your happier, you’ll still have all the daily problems you currently have when you’re slim but loving your body and cherishing it through food and exercise will make you happier – it will definitely make you more mindful of yourself and what you need as a person.

So don’t force yourself to fit into the bubble of ‘fit’, ‘lean’, and ‘gymbuff’ that is currently sweeping the instagram fitness nation but rather appreciate your body, love it, cherish it and give it the stuff it needs. Exercise so you can feel your body getting stronger not so you can appear slim.

Be strong and healthy, not stressed and weak.


Just want to say thanks for reading and I hope you liked this post. Do you have any tips for getting healthy? What do you consider when getting fit?

The One Way to Lose Weight